Even though I am unable to attend Unite 2011 this year, I love reading about all the new tech that the Unity guys are putting into their flagship product. We are just a small Indie starting out, but I don’t know where we would be right now if we were not using this tool.

I was thinking back today on when I chose to go with Unity. I was using GameMaker at the time for some prototyping, but there was no option to build for any platforms other than Windows and Max. We really wanted to make an iOS game, so we started looking at different engine.

Unity had something the others we looked at did not have. A killer community. The Forums and the Unity Answers community were the difference to me. I think you can also put the Unity Asset Store in this category as well. Dozens of developers providing top notch tools for young startup like our. Nothing like it anywhere.

Unity is one of the best Game development environments in the industry today. I am just glad that we decided to jump on board when we did.

Go Unity!