So the last two days I have been trying out a number of different Software Management tools to help me keep the work for the game “organized” in some capacity. It is amazing the sheer number of options available out there.

I tried to use Codespaces which I have an account with, but I found most of the features to be buggy, and worst of all it was s-l-o-w!

FogBugz is kind of cool, but I just don’t “get it”, on how they manage tasks. It looks pretty powerful, but it is a bit too much for what I need.

Next is PivotalTracker. At first glance, it looks very simplistic, maybe even too simplistic. But under the covers is an Agile project management tool. Best of all, it is f-a-s-t! Add a story, it automatically goes “on ice”. Drag it into your current workflow, and start working on it. Press done when complete.

I will be trying this out for a couple weeks. Looks like exactly what I need to manage all the moving parts for our current project.