So getting close to polishing up the first Alpha release of the Game and of all things to slow me down, a Pause feature. It’s simple enough, in Unity you use the Time.timeScale = 0 to pause all objects that are using deltaTime in their movement calculations. You are using deltaTime for all your object, aren’t you. of course your aren’t. Anyway, had a few rogue elements moving one the scene still, and also some of the Animation for the animals.

We are using SpriteManager2 from Above and Beyond Software which is awesome, but there is a little trick to make sure that all Sprite animations use deltaTime for animation, and then it worked like a charm.
Here is the original Forum article:

Anyway, we are over that now. Currently, we are adding a couple of more levels for our testers, the levels will not be in the finished game, they are just for testing the mechanics of the game only.

I thought for fun it would be cool to show one of the Sprites that Brian has done for us. He is a really great artist and he has been awesome to work with. I highly recommend him.

We will post some more artwork soon, and also add some of the story line for the game.