I thought it was time to give a little bit of information about the game, what it is about, etc.

The new game revolves around a small Robot named MAX who is working with his Alien Partner to bring back fine antiquities to their home planet for fame and fortune.

MAX, is a simple robot, and although he has the hardware to replicate anything in the entire galaxy, he is not so good at moving around. His partner, is continually scanning the area in his spacecraft, making sure that obstacles like animals (which he loves), and the local occupiers of the planet are kept far away from him.

Once an artifact is collected, it can be shared with the Universe in the players Showcase display.

The game also has an educational angle as well, as it provides some interesting, and sometimes unknown information about the state. For example, some of the levels require the player to locate a state bird and collect it. The game provides information and internet links that the player can use about the bird.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for more information.